From the recording The Gospel Of The Gutter Queen

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If Nothing Else

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If Nothing Else –
by Caela Bailey, Kate Copeland
lyrics: David Crellin-
for Shmootzi the Clod & Mashugana Joe
Industrial Revelation -
Drums- D’vonne Lewis
Bass- Evan Flory Barnes
Piano- Josh Rawlings
Trumpet- Ahamefule Oluo
Hammond B3- Daniel Walker
Guitar- John Olufs
Harmonies- Adra Boo, Stephanie Ann Johnson


If Nothing Else- David Crelin, Kate Copeland, Caela Bailey

Hear us sing our songs of life – If Nothing Else If Nothing Else
Lift our voices to the sky
Let the bells of freedom ring
Feel the joy that love can bring
Raining music on our souls
If Nothing Else

Were gonna laugh were gonna cry
Raise our spirits upon high
Rejoice in the rebirth when those we have lost have left this earth
In our hearts they will remain
If nothing Else

Become the change you want to see
The gift of love will set us free
We will break the chains that bind and like diamonds we will shine
Casting light upon the world
If nothing else

We can heal this tattered land if nothing else if nothing else
Just extend a helping hand
And we will cross that great divide where ou differenes reside
Stand as one in harmony if nothing else