1. If It's Love

From the recording The Gospel Of The Gutter Queen

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If It's Love

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If Its Love - by Ron W. Bailey & Caela Bailey
Drums- D’Vonne Lewis
Bass- Evan Flory Barnes
Lead Guitar- John Olufs
Acoustic Guitar- Al Kaatz
Piano- John Engerman
Trumpet- Ahamefule Oluo


IF IT’S LOVE- By Ron W. Bailey & Caela Bailey

You say you love me, I’m listening
You think your falling for me
You best be sure that’s what your looking for
That here is where you wanna be

All or nothing, that’s how I feel
All or nothings the deal
If you say deal me in
You gotta play the game for real

If it’s love you better watch yourself
Love can be tricky
If its love you might as well confess
Surrender to the sweet misery
Of Love… If it’s love

They say that love is cruel
Love is blind
Can love be defined
When you count the ways in which
Love changes its mind


When you’re in it no clock is right
You got nowhere else to be
Because nowhere else holds such sweet reality