1. Enjoys

From the recording The Gospel Of The Gutter Queen

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Enjoys - by Eunice Williams & Lowman ‘El’ Pauling
Drums- Kelly Van Camp
Bass- Evan Flory-Barnes
Guitar- Al Kaatz
Maracas & Guiro - Euclides Aparicio
Harmonies- Donna Beck, Cathy Sutherland, Adra Boo, Vivian Conant


Eunice Williams

Come on Caela teach us your dance
Please Caela teach us your dance
Please Caela teach us your dance

First you dim the lights
You make the music low
Hold me tight
And don’t you let go
You should get off of that quarter
Tighten up baby
Get on a dime
That’s it sugar
You are doing fine

Now get your enjoys
Im tryin
Get your enjoys
I wish I could

You make yourself real loose
Below the waist
Get the wiggles
In the right place
Don’t move it to fast
And don’t move too slow
Move just enough, oh oh oh


Now did you learn your lesson
Can you make the grade
Move like I told ya
And you got it made
Move just right
And don’t take too long
That’s it sugar, you are goin strong

Now get your enjoys
I got my enjoys
Get your enjoys
Im glad I did