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The Gospel of the Gutter Queen

Caela Bailey is a born & raised Seattle based performing artist celebrating the release of her first album, ‘The Gospel Of The Gutter Queen’. Blessed with exceptional charm, quick wit, extraordinary talent and captivating stage presence, Caela wows audiences with her soaring vocals and no holds bar sense of humor. A street princess turned Gutter Queen, Caela is a vibrant offshoot of the world infamous traveling vaudeville troupe, the Royal Famille Ducaniveaux (The Royal Family of the Gutter). She hit her first high note the day she was born, in the home of the famous juggling troupe, the Flying Karamozov Brothers. The daughter of songwriter Ron W. Bailey & aerialist Cathy Sutherland, Caela Bailey grew up surrounded by street performers, circus legends, burlesque stars and incredible musicians while traveling and performing around America & Europe. As far as she’s concerned, life really is a cabaret. 

On Caela’s recently released album, The Gospel of the Gutter Queen, she brings her father’s words and music vibrantly to life with a decidedly female perspective. Caela co-wrote 3 songs and chose other favorites from her inner circle of songwriter friends, resulting in an album created in collaboration with 50 of Seattle’s finest musicians. The outcome can best be described as a meeting of many worlds; where old meets new, where rock & roll meets R&B, and where a father's songwriting meets his daughter's new ideas and original interpretations. It is no surprise that Caela’s music reflects the many influences she has been surrounded by all her life. She is not held to one genre or style, in fact, she sets out to challenge those styles with each song. Ambitious, timely, fun, and powered with positivity - Caela Bailey’s soaring, soulful, and delightfully uncensored vocals make the album a rich and powerful collection.

Caela’s professional associations and accomplishments are as impressive as her talents. Her first band, Caela and the Dangerous Flares, delivered modern-day Motown with a side of rhythm & blues, liberally sauced with the tasty licks of musicians who are all Seattle studio legends, and backed by a sweet and spicy trio of singers whose harmonies were so tight they’re practically waterproof. She then had the pleasure to perform and record with the Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band, as well as lend her vocals to popular Seattle duo, Fly Moon Royalty. Since she began her musical career, she has performed both with her band and as a solo performer at the Northwest’s most popular clubs and concert halls including the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle and The Oregon Country Fair, as well as to international audiences at The Chameleon Theatre in Berlin, the Britannia Panopticon and Oran Mor Theatre in Glasgow.

A much-loved and featured performer at Seattle’s annual Moisture Festival, Caela has performed in this comedy-varieté extravaganza every year since it’s inception. She has also served as the official hostess and resident chanteuse for The Can Can Cabaret and Mod Carousel, two of the leading troupes in Seattle’s vibrant and thriving burlesque-revival scene. In 2015, Caela and the gorgeous boys of Mod Carousel won international attention and acclaim, as well as more than 5 million views for their sexy, sly, and good-humored parody of the controversial Blurred Lines video.

Since she draws her inspiration from modern cabaret, classic vaudeville, burlesque, old school Rock & Roll and R&B, as well as today’s mainstream pop culture - Caela is comfortable performing in many different styles with her bad asslive band or as a charismatic host and personality. Brimming with talent and emotional honesty, she keeps the audience firmly in the palm of her hand from the moment she walks on stage until she hits her last note or risqué joke. 



Let it rain, let her reign, all over the earth

Hallelujah Hallelujah

Raise your voice for all that it’s worth

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